What sort of Photography do you offer?

I primarily shoot female couture portraiture including fashion, glamour, boudoir, maternity and head shots. I also photograph newborns. However if you like my style of photography and you want me to shoot something different, I would love to hear your ideas!

Where will the photos be taken?

I have a home studio on Chapel Street, St Kilda. This beautiful space allows us to get away from the Melbourne weather when we need to. However, it is also nice and close to the beach, urban locations and many beautiful parks, should it be the perfect weather for an on location shoot.

Can I meet my photographer before the shoot?

Absolutely! For each client we always do a pre-shoot consultation. This is where we get together and we discuss how you would like to be photographed. Every woman is different so we like to discuss your ideas, themes, even colours of your home, so your images will suit your decor once they are hung in your home and they feel like you. If you are a fair distance away we can always skype each other, but I do love a good excuse for a coffee date :)

Who will be there?

Your photographer Marigold - If you would like to know more about me please see my About Me page - and my lovely hair and makeup artists. I work with only the best professionals. We have several staff but our main Hair and makeup artist is Fiona from Kochou Hair & Makeup. Fiona has been working with Powerful Petticoats since we opened and it is a match made in heaven. Our artists stay for the shoot, making sure that I don't miss a hair that is out of place. Also giving you touch ups or changes with new outfits when appropriate.

What does it cost?

You can have this whole experience for only $190! And to top it off, if you buy any of our 4 wonderful image packages this will be deducted off the final price. Families or groups, 3 people and above, sittings are $280.

Images start at $125 and packages can be tailored to your needs like everything else at our studio.

This covers your professional hair and makeup artist who will give you a beautiful makeover on the day, along with all the fees associated with running a successful studio and making your experience as wonderful as possible. Please go to our services page or contact me here for more information about what this covers.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

You sure can! What an awesome friend you are. You can buy a portrait gift card or a family gift card. If you would like to know more information about what is included in these gift cards you can read this, where you will find all my gift certificates, or contact me here. We can’t wait to spoil them!

How long will the shoot go for?

Shoots usually take 3-4 hours depending on the type of shoot it is. Hair and makeup will take 1-1.5 hours and then the fun begins! Newborns usually take a bit longer than portraiture shoots as we need to settle them and move a little slower around these new little humans.

Can I pay with Amex or Diners?

Sorry we don't take Amex or Diners at this stage, however we do offer multiple methods of payment. Please inquire at your time of booking if you would like more information.

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend around 4 weeks. This way we have time to do our pre-shoot consultation and create a beautiful experience tailored to how you would like to be photographed. It also allows us both time to source any props or clothing we may require to get the look you are after just right.

What do I bring?

When you book, you will be sent a PDF that will have a very detailed list about what to bring to your shoot. In saying that we usually say EVERYTHING!!! No seriously, pack a suitcase full of stuff including jewels, shoes, several shades of underwear to go under different outfits and your favorite frocks. We will go through it all with a cuppa when you arrive and design those amazing outfits that will photograph perfectly.

Do I need to bring any makeup or hair products?

No, we have you covered for all of that with our professional hair and makeup team having more than you will possibly ever need.

I want to do something a little fun and out of the ordinary, is that ok?

Please do! These are some of our favorite requests. My team and I love coming up with new and wonderful ways to photograph different clients. Some of our girls have worn 4 different types of eyelashes in one shoot! (Ok this was a little extreme). If you want something that will take us all day to shoot there may be extra costs involved, but we are certainly up for the challenge.

I don't like my clothes, do you have something I can wear?

Yes! There is a beautiful wardrobe with many outfits in different sizes. We have something for everyone. Please still bring some basics like jeans and a couple of plain tops. It really helps to have those staples to build off. Also if you are doing boudoir you will need to bring your own lingerie. We do supply certain fun pieces for this style of shoot, for the health of all our beautiful clients we do ask you provide these pieces. Also they tend to fit better!

I am doing maternity/boudoir do I need to show skin?

You will only show as much skin as you are comfortable with! If this is none, then no, you don't have to show your baby bump. Boudoir can still be very sexy without side boob. We will always discuss what you are comfortable with and go from there. This shoot is for you to feel amazing and get what you want out of it. I am here to help facilitate that.

Should I fake tan?

No! Please don't. I know it can look great in real life but it looks ugly orange in camera. Especially those places that your fake tan has gathered or not been exfoliated from properly, all in high definition. I will always photograph you in the best light so you don't wash out in front of the lens. Also we tend to move clothing around in ways you wouldn't normally wear clothes on the street, we will see those lines where the fake tan ends. I can fade lines but I will not remove them in post-production if you decide to go ahead anyway. This is obviously the you that you want me to capture.

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

No, we would prefer you didn't, for a couple of reasons. For a start, this is part of the fun! Having someone pamper you is always a lovely start to the day. The other reason is that our team is trained for this style of makeup. Photography makeup is different to your everyday style of makeup and although you will be wearing quite a bit more makeup than you normally would, Fiona and the team are very skilled at making you look like you are not wearing much at all, if this is what you want. We will have a shoot plan for your shoot and the makeup needs to be considered for this also. We will need to build off it as the shoot progresses for different looks and this is easier for the girls if they know how it was applied.

Can we shoot on location and will you travel for my shoot?

Of course! I love shooting on location and in fact most often, I prefer it more. Just mention you would like to do an on location shoot in your pre-consultation and we can arrange the best location to suit the style you are after. I am happy to travel anywhere around the world. The travel and accommodation costs incurred will be charged back to the client post shoot.

I am not photogenic and I’m super awkward in front of a camera, can you help me?

Absolutely! Everyone is photogenic, there are just plenty of bad photographers. Each body is different, each face is different. The angels that may work really well for one woman will not work at all for another. Having photographed women for years, I have studied the female form and it is always a pleasure to show a woman how amazing she really can look in photographs.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes, Photoshop is the digital darkroom. Every image that you will see in your final viewing has been meticulously chosen and softly edited, to make sure that you are the best possible you that you can be. Do I do extreme editing? No. I will remove a pimple and adjust things like the lighting. The rest of it we will do with professional posing in camera.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure thing! We love shooting besties together, it is always so much fun. We don’t allow people to accompany who are not involved in the shoot so if they are coming they better be ready to jump in front of the camera with you! Yes boyfriends included.

How long till I get to see my final images?

We endeavour to have all images edited for your viewing within 3-4 weeks of your photo shoot. Occasionally this will blow out to around 6 weeks in the peek seasons. Your digital images will be made available on this date also. All prints ordered at your viewing will take 2-3 weeks from the time the order is placed. I will be in touch to organise your viewing and image pick up on both of these occasions.

How can I show my friends and family?

We encourage you to bring your loved ones to your viewing session. We want them to love your images as much as we do. We also create an app for every client so you can have all of your purchased images on your phone or tablet at any time. This way you can show everyone at the touch of your finger whenever you want. These apps are included with all image collections purchased, as a thank you gift from our studio, or are able to be purchased individually, should you not want to buy a collection.

Can I buy digitals only?

Yes you may. Our studio charges the same price for an image whether you purchase the digital or the print. Please keep in mind that if you purchase a print the high res digital will automatically be included.

I’m not sure I want to hang my images, why should I get prints?

Digital images are not archival quality. A USB may falter at any time. For this reason we also recommend you back up all of your images once you get your USB home. Our prints are presented in a beautiful keepsake folio box with matching USB. This way you will have your images printed and in a safe place. Easy to store for when, or if, you would ever like to look over them or hang them.

Can I tailor the image packages to my needs?

Like everything in our studio we are happy to tailor our packages for you. We understand that no two families are alike and your needs may be different to what we have outlined on our pricelist.

Can I buy one or two images?

You sure can. There is no pressure to buy any of the images if you don’t want to. Maybe you just wanted a fun day out and to be pampered. We’re ok with that. Just know it is our job to make the images so beautiful you won’t want to leave without them :)

Can I get a discount?

If you purchase any of our image collections in full on your viewing day you will get your sitting fee deducted from your final figure. This is a nearly $200 saving for singles and couples and a nearly $300 saving for families!!! Unfortunately as the studio incurs fees when we set up our lay-by plans this is only offered to clients who pay in full. Also, our referral program is a great way to save!

Tell me about your referral program...

Referrals mean everything to me so I want them to mean everything to you too. For every friend you send my way both you and they will get $100 studio credit towards your next shoot of future prints. That's right, send 5 clients my way and you would have enough for a shoot, two prints and still have credit left over!

Can you hold a date for me?

We unfortunately cannot hold dates as we would be turning away potential clients for these dates. Once you have filled out your booking confirmation form and paid your sitting fee, your date is locked in. For this reason your sitting fee is also non-refundable as we have been holding a date for you and may have to turn away other clients.

You’re the photographer for me! How can I book?

Hooray!! Please fill out your contact details here and we will be in contact with you shortly to design a couture shoot just for you!